Northern Rockies Seniors Society

Enriching the lives of seniors in our community

The Northern Rockies Seniors Society (NRSS)was incorporated in 2008. The society has a broad mandate to improve the quality of life for the seniors of our community. We have a current membership of 90 members, and we are located in Fort Nelson , BC. We are a non-profit registered charity (CRA registered). The NRSS started our bus service with a small old school bus providing low cost transportation which also accommodated wheelchairs. Fortunately 5 years ago, Cooper Barging donated a new bus to the NRSS. In 2015, Nexen donated $65,00 for a new bus and now we have 2 buses and our advertisers have their logos on both at no extra charge.

Our focus now is supported housing for seniors. We are an isolated community and approximately 400km from the closest major centre. We have fundraised and collected donations for 6 years and finally we broke ground on our project in 2013. Heritage Place is now open and we presently have 6 residents with 2 rooms available . We will continue to fundraise for the different programs that we run out of Heritage Place. If you would like to donate or would like to help with any of the fundraisers, please call the office at 250-774-3193.

Board of Directors

Suzanne Cooper- President

Cyndi Hopkins- Treasurer

Jody Bottorff- Secretary

Louise Schindler - Director

Carol Seidel~ Director

Cathy Dolan- Director